Pro Services

Are you a local business, entrepreneur or artist looking to complete a project on our laser cutters, CNC router, waterjet or 3D printer?

We'd love to help you! Contact us to get started with your project. We do not accept file submissions via our email.

Professional Services Rates

These listed rates may change at any time, are not all-inclusive, and are provided for informational purposes only. Contact us for a full quote. Laser, CNC and Waterjet have a 1 hour minumum charge.


3D Printing Material Rates

 Ultimaker 2 & 3 PLA Printing  $0.50-$0.60 per gram
 ZPrinter Powder Printing  $9.00 per cubic inch
 Form 2 Resin Printing  TBA
 Eden Resin Printing  $0.75 per gram


Laser Cutting

 Laser Cutting - Design and Setup  $100 per hour
 Laser Cutting - Cutting Time  $100 per hour


CNC Cutting

 CNC Milling - Design/File Setup  $100 per hour
 CNC Milling - Cutting Time  $100 per hour
 CNC Milling - Sheet Disposal  $9 per sheet
 CNC Milling - Start Up/Shutdown Charge  $15


Waterjet Cutting

 Waterjet Cutting - Design/File Setup  $100 per hour
 Waterjet Cutting - Cutting time (abrasive)  $200 per hour
 Waterjet Cutting - Cutting time (water only)  $100 per hour
 Waterjet Cutting - Scrap Material Disposal  $9 per scrap
 Waterjet Cutting - Start Up/Shutdown Charge   $15