At the University of Florida DCP Fab Lab, we strive for excellence in all aspects of digital fabrication. We welcome prototyping, experimentation, personal projects and everything in between. Please  Contact us to get started.

3D Printing Material Rates
  UF A2 UF UF Lab Non-UF
Ultimaker PLA $0.20/gram   $0.25/gram   $0.30/gram   $0.50/gram  
Mark Two Onyx $0.32/cm3 $0.40/cm3 $0.64/cm3 $0.80/cm3
Mark Two    Fiber $3.45/cm3 $3.60/cm3 $3.90/cm3 $4.20/cm3
Form 2 Standard Resin $0.50/mL $0.90/mL $1.20/mL $3.00/mL
Form 2 Specialty  Resin $0.75/mL $1.35/mL $1.80/mL $4.50/mL




Metal X        


$0.98/cm3 $1.30/cm3 $1.63/cm3 $1.95/cm3
Ceramic release $0.60/cm3 $0.70/cm3 $0.80/cm3 $0.90/cm3
Wash $3.60/part $3.60/part $3.60/part $3.60/part
Sinter $0.35/cm2 $0.35/cm2 $0.35/cm2 $0.35/cm2
*Please read. Prior to dropping material off for CNC/Waterjet/Laser cut, you must submit a file for review, approve the job quote and schedule a drop off date/time with us.
Laser Cutting
  UF A2 UF UF Lab Non-UF

 Laser   cutting

  20-minute      minimum

$0.67/min $0.83/min $1.58/min $2.08/min

CNC Milling

  UF A2 UF UF Lab Non-UF

  CNC Milling

  30-minute minimum

$0.83/min $1.00/min $1.58/min $2.08/min
  Sheet Disposal $10 $10 $10 $10
Waterjet Cutting
  UF A2 UF UF Lab Non-UF

Waterjet w/out Abrasive

30-minute minimum

$0.67/min $0.83/min $1.58/min $2.08/min

Waterjet w/ Abrasive

30-minute minimum

$2.08/min $2.33/min $3.17/min $4.17/min

Material disposal

and waterjet brick

$10 $10 $10 $10