At the University of Florida DCP Fab Lab, we strive for excellence in all aspects of digital fabrication. We welcome prototyping, experimentation, personal projects and everything in between. Please  Contact us to get started.

Professional Services Rates

The rates listed below are for use by those not affiliated with the University of Florida. These listed rates may change at any time, are not all-inclusive, and are provided for informational purposes only. Contact us for a full quote. 


3D Printing Material Rates
 Ultimaker 2 & 3 PLA Printing  $0.50-$0.60 per gram
 ZPrinter Powder Printing  $9.00 per cubic inch
 Form 2 Resin Printing

Print: $3.00 per milliliter

Wash: $0.50/per print

           $4.75/per Elastic resin print

 Eden Resin Printing

 Model: $0.86 per gram

 Support: $0.46 per gram

 Purge(1min): $0.23

Mark Two

Onyx: $0.68/cm3

Fiber: $4.20/cm3

Metal X

17-4 Stainless Steel: $1.95/cm3

Ceramic Release: $0.90/cm3

wash: $3.60

Sinter $0.35/sq cm


Laser Cutting
 Laser Cutting - Design and Setup  $1.67 per minute
 Laser Cutting - Cutting Time  $1.67 per minute 

Flat Rate Logo Raster

1" x 1"            $30                  
2" x 2"  $40
 3" x 3"  $50
CNC Cutting
 CNC Milling - Design/File Setup  $1.67 per minute
 CNC Milling - Cutting Time                 $1.67 per minute 
 CNC Milling - Sheet Disposal                      $10 per sheet
 CNC Milling - Start Up/Shutdown Charge                         $15


Waterjet Cutting
 Waterjet Cutting - Design/File Setup  $1.67 per minute       
 Waterjet Cutting - Cutting time (abrasive)  $3.33 per minute
 Waterjet Cutting - Cutting time (water only)  $1.67 per minute
 Waterjet Cutting - Scrap Material Disposal  $10 per scrap
 Waterjet Cutting - Start Up/Shutdown Charge   $15